100+ Inspirational Quotes About Fear Of Failure and Success

Inspirational Quotes About Fear Of Failure and Success
Inspirational Quotes About Fear Of Failure

Inspirational Quotes About Fear Of Failure

If you are looking for inspirational quotes about fear of failure? You have come to the right place. Here is the collection of the best word for fear of failure to get you inspired.

Fear allows us to build our gracefully of adrenaline and respond speedier when things happen around us. It allows us to understand that there are things out there that can hurt us and take it safely. Check out the following quotes about fear of failure that will inspire you.

Inspirational Quotes About Fear Of Failure and Success

1. I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. - Frank Herbert

2. There are three things all wise men fear: the sea in storm, a night with no moon, and the anger of a gentleman. - Patrick Rothfuss

3. Fear of a name increases fear of the thing itself. - J.K. Rowling

Inspirational Quotes About Fear Of Failure and Success

4. I must say a word about fear. It is life's only true opponent. Only fear can defeat life. - Yann Martel

5. Don't be afraid of your fears. They're not there to scare you. They're there to let you know that something is worth it. - C. JoyBell C.

6. Courage is feeling fear, not getting rid of fear, and taking action in the face of fear. - Roy T. Bennett

7. The only thing we have to fear is fear itself. - Franklin D. Roosevelt

8. I believe that words are strong, that they can overwhelm what we fear when fear seems more awful than life is good. - Andrew Solomon

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9. You can't make decisions based on fear and the possibility of what might happen. - Michelle Obama

10. He who fears he shall suffer, already suffers what he fears. - Michel de Montaigne

11. The only calibration that counts is how much heart people invest, how much they ignore their fears of being hurt or caught out or humiliated. - Ted Hughes

12. Fear is a phoenix. You can watch it burn a thousand times and still it will return. - Leigh Bardugo

13. Do one thing every day that scares you. - Eleanor Roosevelt

Inspirational Quotes About Fear Of Failure and Success

14. A man that flies from his fear may find that he has only taken a shortcut to meet it. - J.R.R. Tolkien

15. Our greatest fear should not be of failure but of succeeding at things in life that don't really matter. - Francis Chan

Famous Quotes About Fear Of Failure

16. Evolution and all hopes for a better world rest in the fearlessness and open-hearted vision of people who embrace life. - John Lennon

17. Mastering others is strength. Mastering oneself makes you fearless. - Lao Tzu

18. We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light. - Plato

19. He who has overcome his fears will truly be free. - Aristotle

Famous Quotes About Fear Of Failure

20. Expose yourself to your deepest fear; after that, fear has no power, and the fear of freedom shrinks and vanishes. You are free. - Jim Morrison

21. Fear follows crime and is its punishment. - Voltaire

22. If you look into your own heart, and you find nothing wrong there, what is there to worry about? What is there to fear? - Confucius

23. Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than outright exposure. The fearful are caught as often as the bold. - Helen Keller

24. I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear. - Nelson Mandela

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25. Have no fear of perfection - you'll never reach it. - Salvador Dali

26. Don't fear failure. Not failure, but low aim, is the crime. In great attempts, it is glorious even to fail. - Bruce Lee

27. It is not death that a man should fear, but he should fear never beginning to live. - Marcus Aurelius

28. There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure. - Paulo Coelho

Famous Quotes About Fear Of Failure

29. Do the thing you fear and the death of fear is certain. - Ralph Waldo Emerson

30. Fear is the main source of superstition, and one of the main sources of cruelty. To conquer fear is the beginning of wisdom. - Bertrand Russell

Short Quotes About Fear Of Failure

31. Fear doesn't shut you down; it wakes you up. - Veronica Roth

32. Ignorance is the parent of fear. - Herman Melville

33. In time we hate that which we often fear. - William Shakespeare

34. No one ever told me that grief felt so like fear. - C.S. Lewis

35. Courage is fear that has said its prayers. - Dorothy Bernard

36. I'm intimidated by the fear of being average. - Taylor Swift

37. Focus on your goals, not your fear. - Roy T. Bennett

Short Quotes About Fear Of Failure

38. Without fear, there cannot be courage. - Christopher Paolini

39. Fear cuts deeper than swords. - George R.R. Martin

40. Anxiety is the dizziness of freedom. - Søren Kierkegaard

41. Courage is knowing what not to fear. - Plato

42. The best way to deal with fear is to confront it. - Pittacus Lore

43. Nothing in life is to be feared. It is only to be understood. - Marie Curie

Best Quotes About Fear Of Failure

44. There is a stubbornness about me that never can bear to be frightened at the will of others. My courage always rises at every attempt to intimidate me. - Jane Austen

45. You must always be prepared to place a bet on yourself, on your future, by heading in a direction that others seem to fear. - Robert Greene

46. Your fear is 100% dependent on you for its survival. - Steve Maraboli

Best Quotes About Fear Of Failure

47. Scared is what you're feeling. Brave is what you're doing. - Emma Donoghue

48. Men go to far greater lengths to avoid what they fear than to obtain what they desire. - Dan Brown

49. Tell your heart that the fear of suffering is worse than the suffering itself. - Paulo Coelho

50. It's better to die laughing than to live each moment in fear. - Michael Crichton

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51. The beautiful thing about fear is, when you run to it, it runs away. - Robin Sharma

52. One is never afraid of the unknown; one is afraid of the known coming to an end. - Jiddu Krishnamurti

53. When you are grateful, fear disappears and abundance appears. - Anthony Robbins

54. May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears. - Nelson Mandela

Best Quotes About Fear Of Failure

55. Keep your fears to yourself, but share your courage with others. - Robert Louis Stevenson

56. I wonder if fears ever really go away, or if they just lose their power over us. - Veronica Roth

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Life Quotes About Fear Of Failure

57. And that no heart has ever suffered when it goes in search of its dreams, because every second of the search is a second's encounter with God and with eternity. - Paulo Coelho

58. I am all in a sea of wonders. I doubt; I fear; I think strange things, which I dare not confess to my own soul. - Bram Stoker

59. Do not be afraid; our fate, Cannot be taken from us; it is a gift. - Dante Alighieri

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60. Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less. - Marie Curie

61. Fear is a manipulative emotion that can trick us into living a boring life. - Donald Miller

Life Quotes About Fear Of Failure

62. Bran thought about it. 'Can a man still be brave if he's afraid?' 'That is the only time a man can be brave,' his father told him. - George R.R. Martin

63. The purpose of fear is to raise your awareness not to stop your progress. - Steve Maraboli

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64. I have accepted fear as part of life – specifically the fear of change. I have gone ahead despite the pounding in the heart that says: turn back. - Erica Jong

65. If you try to get rid of fear and anger without knowing their meaning, they will grow stronger and return. - Deepak Chopra

Love Quotes About Fear Of Failure

66. There are two basic motivating forces: fear and love. When we are afraid, we pull back from life. When we are in love, we open to all that life has to offer with passion, excitement, and acceptance. - John Lennon

67. I love the name of honor more than I fear death. - Julius Caesar

68. Love didn't grow very well in a place where there was only fear. - Stephen King

Inspirational Quotes About Fear Of Love

69. Don't give in to your fears. If you do, you won't be able to talk to your heart. - Paulo Coelho

70. Gratitude looks to the Past and love to the Present; fear, avarice, lust, and ambition look ahead. - C.S. Lewis

71. Love is what we are born with. Fear is what we learn. - Marianne Williamson

72. Love opens your heart, trumps fear and paves the way for healing in all aspects of your life. - Lissa Rankin

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73. He was afraid of defiling the love which filled his soul. - Leo Tolstoy

74. They say religion is about love, but you wonder how much of it really is about fear. - Deb Caletti

75. That's all it takes, one drop of fear to curdle love into hate. - James M Cain

76. You may conquer her love of God: you will never overcome her fear of the devil. - Pierre A.F. Choderlos de Laclos

77. Everything we do in life is based on fear, especially love. - Mel Brooks

Inspirational Quotes About Fear Of Love

78. I believe that every single event in life happens in an opportunity to choose love over fear. - Oprah Winfrey

79. Power is of two kinds. One is obtained by the fear of punishment and the other by acts of love. Power based on love is a thousand times more effective and permanent than the one derived from fear of punishment. - Mahatma Gandhi

Positive Quotes About Fear Of Failure

80. I imagine one of the reasons people cling to their hates so stubbornly is because they sense, once hate is gone, they will be forced to deal with pain. - James Baldwin

81. Fear is a part of life. It's a warning mechanism. That's all. - Jim Butcher

82. The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek. - Joseph Campbell

Positive Quotes About Fear Of Failure

83. There are two kinds of fears: rational and irrational- or in simpler terms, fears that make sense and fears that don't. - Lemony Snicket

84. The enemy is fear. We think it is hate; but, it is fear. - Mahatma Gandhi

85. Because fear kills everything," Mo had once told her. "Your mind, your heart, your imagination. - Cornelia Funke

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86. Power doesn't corrupt. Fear corrupts... perhaps the fear of a loss of power. - John Steinbeck

87. And one has to understand that braveness is not the absence of fear but rather the strength to keep on going forward despite the fear. - Paulo Coelho

88. Fear is pain arising from the anticipation of evil. - Aristotle

89. Do the thing you fear the most and the death of fear is certain. - Mark Twain

Inspirational Quotes About Fear Of Failure

90. Fear has two meanings: ‘Forget Everything And Run’ or ‘Face Everything And Rise.’ The choice is yours. - Zig Ziglar

91. Puritanism: The haunting fear that someone, somewhere, maybe happy. - H.L. Mencken

Funny Quotes About Fear Of Failure

92. Better beans and bacon in peace than cakes and ale in fear. - Aesop

93. Fear is the thief of dreams. - Brian Krans

94. Face your fears or they will climb over your back. - Frank Herbert


Deepest Quotes About Fear Of Failure

95. Books are finite, sexual encounters are finite, but the desire to read and to fuck is infinite; it surpasses our own deaths, our fears, our hopes for peace. - Roberto Bolano

96. The constant assertion of belief is an indication of fear. - Jiddu Krishnamurti

97. Only priests and fools are fearless and I've never been on the best of terms with God. - Patrick Rothfuss

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98. There is no beauty in sadness. No honor in suffering. No growth in fear. No relief in hate. It’s just a waste of perfectly good happiness. - Katerina Stoykova Klemer

99. Fear is the lack of faith in one's ability to create powerful solutions. - T.F. Hodge

Deepest Quotes About Fear Of Failure

100. Find out what a person fears most and that is where he will develop next. - Carl Jung

101. No power so effectively robs the mind of all its powers of acting and reasoning as fear. - Edmund Burke

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102. If people are good only because they fear punishment, and hope for reward, then we are a sorry lot indeed. - Albert Einstein

103. Of all the liars in the world, sometimes the worst are our own fears. - Rudyard Kipling

104. We fear men so much because we fear God so little. One fear cures another. When man's terror scares you, turn your thoughts to the wrath of God. - G. K. Chesterton

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