25 Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Quotes To Turn Yourself Into A Leader

Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Quotes To Turn Yourself Into A Leader
Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Quotes To Turn Yourself Into A Leader

Sheikh Mujibur Rahman
was a Bangladeshi politician and one of the great leaders in the world, Also he is as known called the father of the nation. He was the first President of Bangladesh. Sheikh Mujib was born on 17 March 1920 Tungipara, Gopalganj, Bangladesh. His father's name was to Sheikh Lutfur Rahman and his mother' s name was Sayera Khatun.  He was the third child in the family. He is popular with the title of  Bangabandhu (Friend of Bengal) by the people of Bangladesh. Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman became a main leading figure in and eventually the leader of the Awami League, founded in 1949 as an East Pakistan (Bangladesh) based political party in Pakistan. Sheikh Mujib is credited as a significant figure in efforts to increase political autonomy for East Pakistan (Bangladesh) and later as the focal figure behind the Bangladesh Liberation Movement and the Bangladesh Liberation War in 1971. His daughter Sheikh Hasina is the current Prime Minister of Bangladesh and leader of the Awami League Party.

At the increasing of sectional tensions, he plots a 6-point autonomy plan and was imprisoned by the system of Field Marshal Ayub Khan for treachery. Sheikh Mujibur Rahman drove the Awami League to win the main majority rule appointment of Pakistan in 1970. Regardless of increasing a dominant part, the League was not welcomed by the decision military junta to shape an administration. As common defiance emitted across East Pakistan (Bangladesh), Sheikh Mujibur announced freedom of Bangladesh during a milestone speech on 7 March 1971. On 26 March 1971, the Pakistan Army reacted to the mass fights with Operation Searchlight, where Prime Minister-choose Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was captured and flow to isolation confinement in West Pakistan (nowadays Pakistan), while Bengali civilians, politicians, students, intellectuals, and military defectors were killed as a feature of the 1971 Bangladesh genocide. During Sheikh Mujibur's absence, numerous Bengalis joined the Mukti Bahini and, aided by the Indian Armed Forces, vanquished the Pakistan Armed Forces during the Bangladesh Liberation War.

After Bangladesh's freedom, Mujib was discharged from Pakistani custody because of international pressure and in January 1972, he came back to Dhaka. In a 2004 BBC survey, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was cast a voted the Greatest Bengali ever. 15 August 1975 Mujib was killed by rebel army officials during a coup. Check out the following Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman quotes.

Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Quotes To Turn Yourself Into A Leader

1. This time the struggle for freedom, this time the struggle for our liberation. - Sheikh Mujibur Rahman

2. People cannot be bamboozled by slogans in the name of Islam and Muslims. Religious Bengali Muslims love their religion, but they will not allow political achievement by betraying religion. - Sheikh Mujibur Rahman

3. I am happy with my Bangladesh. - Sheikh Mujibur Rahman 

4. When you play with a gentleman, you play like a gentleman. But when you play with bastards, make sure you play like a bigger bastard. Otherwise, you will lose. - Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Quotes

Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Quotes To Turn Yourself Into A Leader

5. Whoever has communalism in his mind... is the equivalent of wildlife. - Sheikh Mujibur Rahman

6. No respect for the beggar nation. The country cannot be formed by begging from abroad. You have to make money within the country. - Sheikh Mujibur Rahman

7. People love when people love them. If you accept a little sacrifice, then the public can give your life. - Sheikh Mujibur Rahman

8. The people of East Pakistan will owe it to the million who have died in the cyclone to make the supreme sacrifice of another million lives, if need be, so that we can live as a free people. - Sheikh Mujibur Rahman 

9. There are two aspects to our Bengalis. One is 'We are Muslims, and one is Bengali.' malicious and betrayal are in our blood. It is not possible to find this word in any language of the world, 'malicious (Bengali-Parasikatara)'. The next other wealth sees that melancholy is called 'malicious(Bengali-Parasikatara)'. Jealousy, hatred will be found in all languages, there is something in all the nations, but there is also 'malicious(Bengali-Parasikatara)' to the Bengalis. Brother, brother is not happy to see improvement. This is why all the qualities of the Bengali nation have to endure the oppression of others throughout their life. - Sheikh Mujibur Rahman

UNESCO recognised Bongobondhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman's 7th March Speech as part of the world's documentary heritage, on 30 October 2017.

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10. For the welfare of my countrymen is worth the life of a person like me or how much? I do not think that there is anything more that can be done to save the people of the oppressed nation. - Sheikh Mujibur Rahman

11. I have given you independence, now go and preserve it. - Sheikh Mujibur Rahman 

12. Unqualified leadership, unscrupulous leaders and cowardly politicians never get together in the country for any work. In this, the country and its people are more devastated than service. - Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Quotes

13. Yes, but there is a difference. You see, I am a very poor sheikh. - Sheikh Mujibur Rahman 

14. No prisons could ever stop me, but the love of people made me embarrassed. - Sheikh Mujibur Rahman

Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Quotes To Turn Yourself Into A Leader

15. My country is an independent country. No one in India, America, Russia, Great Britain has the power to interfere with the internal affairs of my country as long as I live. - Sheikh Mujibur Rahman

16. You know, they can't keep me here for more than six months. - Sheikh Mujibur Rahman

17. There is no revolution without the people. Revolution is not achieved by firing rounds in the darkness of the night. - Sheikh Mujibur Rahman

18. My greatest strength is the love for my people, my greatest weakness is that I love them too much. - Sheikh Mujibur Rahman

19. People just used religion to justify their pursuit of their own interest. - Sheikh Mujibur Rahman

20. Who is ready to die... No one can kill him. - Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Quotes

21. If anyone says fair things, we are more in number, even if he is one, we will accept his words. - Sheikh Mujibur Rahman

Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Quotes To Turn Yourself Into A Leader

22. The movement is not the fruit of the tree. Movement cannot be done by word of mouth. For the movement, public opinion has to be created. Ideal for movement. The movement has to be a selfless activist. You have to be a sacrifice. And above all, people need to have organized and united support. - Sheikh Mujibur Rahman

23. Create human beings, not bureaucrats. - Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Quotes

24. I had a problem. In my habit, cut my beard itself. Probably I didn't pay any money barber brothers to cut my beards. The blade was all I had finished. When I went to buy a blade, I could not find the blade. Blades are not allowed to be brought from abroad. I didn't even try picking. I thought that must be found in Tian Shing. Such a large industrial area and marine port. In one store I found many old blades, but they could not cut beard anymore. And nobody buys them. People will not use things that are not made in China. - Sheikh Mujibur Rahman

25. Without cultural freedom, political and economic freedom is meaningless. Therefore, by focusing on the soil and the people, happiness and peace of the people and dreams and aspirations will develop in Bengal's own literary culture. - Sheikh Mujibur Rahman

Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was one of the great leaders of the Bengali nation and Bangladesh. Without good leadership, don't achieve any success. Hope you loved the above Sheikh Mujibur Rahman picture quotes and you get some a leadership inspiration. If you love Sheikh Mujibur Rahman quotes kindly share with your friends. Keep touch with this blog for daily motivation and more people's success story.


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